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Xa que non podemos facer grandes plans para as vacacións, qué mellor que aproveitar o tempo para repasar habilidades que, se non practicamos, podemos esquecer facilmente. Propoñémosche que te animes a practicar o teu inglés lendo libros ou visionando algunha película en versión orixinal. Pero, onde podes atopar literatura en inglés?



Podes ver o fondo que temos dipoñible na Biblioteca de libros en inglés na seguinte guía: Guía de obras literarias en inglés

Ademais, tes unha selección dispoñible doutras obras en inglés na EbiblioDaCoruna.

Na Fonoteca temos unha colección de libros neste idioma adaptados aos diferentes niveles de aprendizaxe.

Tamén atoparás unha gran variedade de libros dixitais, especialmente clásicos, en Project Gutenberg e na Open Library – Internet Archive.

Seleccionamos algunha proposta:

Drive your plow over the bones of the dead / Olga Tokarczuk

Man Booker International Prize-winner Olga Tokarczuk returns with a subversive, entertaining noir novel. In a remote Polish village, Janina Duszejko, an eccentric woman in her sixties, recounts the events surrounding the disappearance of her two dogs. She is reclusive, preferring the company of animals to people; she’s unconventional, believing in the stars; and she is fond of the poetry of William Blake, from whose work the title of the book is taken. When members of a local hunting club are found murdered, Duszejko becomes involved in the investigation. By no means a conventional crime story, this existential thriller by ‘one of Europe’s major humanist writers’ (Guardian) offers thought-provoking ideas on our perceptions of madness, injustice against marginalized people, animal rights, the hypocrisy of traditional religion, belief in predestination – and caused a genuine political uproar in Tokarczuk’s native Poland.

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna


The sellout : a novel / Paul Beatty

Winner of the Man Booker Prize.

A biting satire about a young man’s isolated upbringing and the race trial that sends him to the Supreme Court, Paul Beatty’s The Sellout showcases a comic genius at the top of his game. It challenges the sacred tenets of the United States Constitution, urban life, the civil rights movement, the father-son relationship, and the holy grail of racial equality—the black Chinese restaurant. Born in the «agrarian ghetto» of Dickens—on the southern outskirts of Los Angeles—the narrator of The Sellout resigns himself to the fate of lower-middle-class Californians: «I’d die in the same bedroom I’d grown up in, looking up at the cracks in the stucco ceiling that’ve been there since ’68 quake.» Raised by a single father, a controversial sociologist, he spent his childhood as the subject in racially charged psychological studies. He is led to believe that his father’s pioneering work will result in a memoir that will solve his family’s financial woes. But when his father is killed in a police shoot-out, he realizes there never was a memoir. All that’s left is the bill for a drive-thru funeral. Fueled by this deceit and the general disrepair of his hometown, the narrator sets out to right another wrong: Dickens has literally been removed from the map to save California from further embarrassment. Enlisting the help of the town’s most famous resident—the last surviving Little Rascal, Hominy Jenkins—he initiates the most outrageous action conceivable: reinstating slavery and segregating the local high school, which lands him in the Supreme Court.

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna



Beloved / Toni Morrison

Sethe, an escaped slave living in post-Civil War Ohio with her daughter and mother-in-law, is persistantly haunted by the ghost of her dead baby girl.

Dispoñible na Biblioteca coa signatura 1C/538



Girl, woman, other / Bernardine Evaristo

Winner of the Booker Prize 2019.

This is Britain as you’ve never seen it. This is Britain as it has never been told. From Newcastle to Cornwall, from the birth of the twentieth century to the teens of the twenty-first, Girl Woman Other follows a cast of twelve characters on their personal journeys through this country and the last hundred years. They’re each looking for something – a shared past, an unexpected future, a place to call home, somewhere to fit in, a lover, a missed mother, a lost father, even just a touch of hope…

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna


Elefant / Martin Suter

What would you do if you woke up to see a living, breathing, tiny, glowing, pink elephant? If you’re anything like Schoch, who lives on the streets of Zürich and is decidedly down on his luck, you might well think it’s time to put away the bottle before your hallucinations get any stranger, and go back to sleep.

But what if the tiny pink elephant is still there when you wake up? And clearly needs someone to take care of it? And what if you discover that it’s been created through genetic engineering, by a group of scientists who just want to use it to get rich and don’t care about the elephant’s welfare? And that they’re in cahoots with a circus and will stop at nothing to get it back?

What if this little elephant is about to change your life?

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna


Lady Chatterley’s lover / D.H. Lawrence

This last of Lawrence’s novels reflects the author’s belief that men and women must overcome the deadening restrictions of industrialized society and follow their natural instincts to passionate love.

Dispoñible na Biblioteca coa signatura 1C/460


The spy who came in from the Cold / John Le Carré

The Cold War is at its most chill. Alec Leamas, a seasoned British Intelligence officer whose entire East German network has been arrested or shot, leaves West Berlin for London, believing his career is over. But his master, Control, knows that Leamas is good for a last mission: one that will allow him to take his revenge on the ruthless East German counterintelligence chief who has killed or imprisoned his agents. And lurking discreetly in the background, George Smiley will be pulling the operational strings.

Dispoñible na Biblioteca coa signatura 1C/621




Dispós dunha gran variedade de películas de tódolos xéneros en V.O. na Fonoteca, da colección da revista Speak Up, na cal os DVD veñen acompañados dun libro para practicar inglés baseado na película.

Ademais, moitas outras películas e series de televisión do fondo xeral teñen a opción de visionado en inglés.

Por último, na Fonoteca tamén atoparás outros recursos nunha colección seleccionada para practicar o idioma. Deixámosche algunhas ideas:


Passengers / dirección, Morten Tyldum

Dos pasajeros a bordo de una nave espacial que los transporta hacia una nueva vida en otro planeta. El viaje se vuelve mortal cuando las cámaras de hibernación los despiertan misteriosamente 90 años antes de llegar a su destino.

Idiomas: inglés, castellano.

Subtít.: inglés (subtítulos speak up) castellano.

Dispoñible na Biblioteca coa signatura 791 PAS (speak up)



Brooklyn / directed by John Crowley

En los años 50, la joven Eilis Lacey decide abandonar Irlanda y viajar a los Estados Unidos, concretamente a Nueva York, donde conoce a un chico del que se enamora. Pero un día, a Eilis le llegan noticias de un grave problema familiar y tendrá que decidir entre quedarse en su nuevo país o volver a su tierra natal.

Idiomas: inglés, castellano.

Subtít.: inglés (subtítulos speak up) castellano.

Dispoñible na Biblioteca coa signatura 791 BRO (speak up)



Little Britain

Little Britain es un espectáculo humorístico basado en «sketchs» en que los personajes más pintorescos componen una visión ácida y corrosiva de la sociedad británica.

Idiomas: inglés

Subtít.: español

Dispoñibles as tres temporadas completas na Biblioteca coa signatura 791 LIT/1-3 (humor)



Tully / [una película de Jason Reitman]

Marlo es una madre con tres hijos, el último recién nacido, que recibe un inesperado regalo de parte de su hermano: una niñera para que le ayude por las noches. Al principio le parece una extravagancia, pero Marlo acaba teniendo una relación única con Tully, una joven niñera amable, sorprendente y, en ocasiones, difícil.

Idiomas: inglés, castellano.

Subtít.: inglés (subtítulos speak up) castellano.

Dispoñible na Biblioteca coa signatura 791 TUL (speak up).




A mellor opción para practicar mentres realizas outras tareas: os libros para escoitar. Se aínda non probaches un, é o momento.

Dámosche algunhas ideas, podes atopar máis na EbiblioDacoruna:


Lanny / Max Porter

Not far from London, there is a village. This village belongs to the people who live in it and to those who lived in it hundreds of years ago. It belongs to England’s mysterious past and its confounding present. It belongs to Mad Pete, the grizzled artist. To ancient Peggy, gossiping at her gate. To families dead for generations, and to those who have only recently moved here. But it also belongs to Dead Papa Toothwort who has woken from his slumber in the woods. Dead Papa Toothwort, who is listening to them all. Chimerical, audacious, strange and wonderful – a song to difference and imagination, to friendship, youth and love, Lanny is the globally anticipated new novel from Max Porter.

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna



Flights / Olga Tokarczuk

A visionary work of fiction with «echoes of Sebald [and] Kundera . . . [There’s] no better travel companion in these turbulent, fanatical times» (The Guardian). A seventeenth-century Dutch anatomist discovers the Achilles tendon by dissecting his own amputated leg. Chopin’s heart is carried back to Warsaw in secret by his adoring sister. A woman must return to her native Poland in order to poison her terminally ill high school sweetheart, and a young man slowly descends into madness when his wife and child mysteriously vanish during a vacation and just as suddenly reappear. Through these brilliantly imagined characters and stories, interwoven with haunting, playful, and revelatory meditations, Flights explores what it means to be a traveler, a wanderer, a body in motion not only through space but through time. Where are you from? Where are you coming in from? Where are you going? we call to the traveler. Enchanting, unsettling, and wholly original, Flights is a master storyteller’s answer.

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna


The Canterville Ghost / Oscar Wilde

The Canterville Ghost is a novella by Oscar Wilde. It was the first of Wilde’s stories to be published, appearing in two parts in The Court and Society Review, 23 February and 2 March 1887. The story is about an American family who move to a castle haunted by the ghost of a dead nobleman, who killed his wife and was starved to death by his wife’s brothers. It has been adapted for the stage and screen several times. Synopsis: The home of the Canterville Ghost was the ancient Canterville Chase, which has all the accoutrements of a traditional haunted house. Descriptions of the wainscoting, the library panelled in black oak, and the armour in the hallway characterise the setting. Wilde mixes the macabre with comedy, juxtaposing devices from traditional English ghost stories such as creaking floorboards, clanking chains, and ancient prophecies.

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna


Celephaïs / H.P. Lovecraft

«Celephaïs» is a fantasy story by American horror fiction writer H. P. Lovecraft, written in early November 1920 and first published in the May 1922 issue of the Rainbow. The title refers to a fictional city that later appears in Lovecraft’s Dream Cycle, including his novella The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (1926). Celephaïs was created in a dream by Kuranes (which is his name in dreams his real name is not given) as a child of the English landed gentry. As a man in his forties, alone and dispossessed in contemporary London, he dreams it again and then, seeking it, slowly slips away to the dream-world. Finally knights guide him through medieval England to his ancestral estate, where he spent his boyhood, and then to Celephaïs…

Dispoñible na EbiblioDaCoruna

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